We are a team that trains ourselves in this field every year. The first word of our customer, whose sites were published with us, was "You have made a quality and minimalist site describing our work"!

  • Publication of the site
  • Annual software maintenance
  • Image optimization
  • Design and custom coding
  • Site backup service
  • Implementing new software information we learn as a result of R&D every year on your site

An example of our work

We have coded Turkey's rocket team website. They have been working with us for 4 years now.

hazartakimi- İnternet Sitesi Tasarımı


The right price for you,

Contact us via e-mail and instagram account to choose the most suitable package for you.


1299 /yearly

Website consisting of multiple pages

  • Homepage design

  • Contact page design

  • AdditionalAbout me, products etc. page designs

  • Integration of company-appropriate design


8999 + / yearly

Custom coded design of your site is included in this package

  • Price varies according to additional requests

  • Multiple languages and Price varies according to additional requests

  • Custom design of each page

  • Annual site visitor reports and analysis


20% discount is applied when you pay for 3 years of service at once. Also, if you are a student, contact us for student discounts.

Have you decided?Time to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do we need to make the payment after the agreement?
After payment is received, the design process begins. Since it is custom coded, this fee cannot be refunded later.
How long do you code the site?
Since we custom code your website, launching the website takes at least 1 week. This range changes according to your wishes in your project. More features requested require more time.
Is there a refund if I give up on the service I received ?
Since it is custom coded, this fee cannot be refunded later.
Can I use the same design when I want to work with another company after 1 year ?
If you would like switch to another provider, you would be charged separately to own the all custom codes.
Does the price policy change every year ?
Yes, every year there is an increase or discount of 0%-10% depending on the market situation.
Do you apply a discount ?
Yes, we offer a 20% discount for when you purchase 3 years of service at once.
Is there a credit card payment?
Yes, we have installment options according to your card or single payment.

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